Leather care

One of the common questions we receive is “How do I take care of my new belt and should I treat it with anything?”. The great thing about buying a quality leather belt is there is very little you need to do to it to get years and years of use from your belt! Let’s read on to see just how easy it is:

Keep It Dry

The biggest threat to any leather belt is repeatedly wet and dry. If your belt gets wet, you must not accelerate the drying process, but allow the belt to dry naturally on its own. This means no using hair dryers or placing over a heat source. This can dry out the leather and leave it hard and brittle. Instead, hang your belt in an open area of room temperature and allow it to dry on its own. Once dry then just put on and use. Your body heat in most cases will re-soften the leather, and you will be good to go!

Handle Scuffs and Scrapes

As you wear your belt, it will develop scuffs and scratches as part of everyday use. In most cases, we believe this just adds to the character of a Full Grain leather belt.

Storing Your Belt

If you’re ever not going to wear your belt for an extended period, store in an upstairs living space. Do not store leather clothing in an attic, basement, or unheated area. Leather is susceptible to mold in damp basement areas.

The best advice we can give for longest life?

Just wear it! Leather loves to be used and the worst thing for it is sitting unused in a box somewhere! Put it on, show it off, and enjoy!


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