Product delivery is FREE OF CHARGE, independent of how large is your order. We can deliver the products to your home or workplace.

The product return requires compliance with the following terms and conditions:

The returnable product must be in the manufacturer’s original package;

The returnable product must be fully assembled;

The returnable product must be not damaged by the Customer and have not lost the product appearance (this Clause is not applied in case when the low-quality product is returned);

The product return requires the submission of the document of purchase and the Warranty Certificate (if it has been issued). In case of failure to comply with the above-mentioned terms and conditions, the manufacturer reserves the right to not accept the returnable product:

  • If the belt length is not ideal due to the Customer’s fault, the money for the product is not returned. The product may be replaced for an additional fee.
  • If the customer does not like the form, size, colour, model or complexity of the product, the latter may be replaced with another one within 3 days, from the day of receipt of the product. The delivery costs are covered by the customer.
  • If the Seller does not have the replacement product, the Customer has the right to choose another product. The term of delivery of the replacement product is recalculated.


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