Our history

The belt is a daily and invisible accessory for many people. Actually, it means comfort and practicality, and it is a detail of image revealing our personality! Think about how often the purchased product disappoints us by its quality and durability, and the whirlwind of mass production in the market has made you feel the lack of high-quality products.

The beginning of the story tells us that an honest attitude towards the Customer is the initial pulse which has made us accept cardinal changes. Two friends, Lukas ir Andrius were tired of feeling monotony and lack of harmony among the outstanding features of the product. They decided to stop searching and to develop the product which would be desired and create the highest value!

Eventually, desire became reality!

A sense of privilege and exclusiveness, which enables the Drel Design Team to change the steady stereotypes, has been discovered. From now on each of you will be able to join the holiday of a lifetime by experiencing the best impressions together with us. We are impatient to surprise you and provide the unseen experience!

Best wishes!

Audrius Bukšnys


Lukas Laurinavičius


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